We are an independent Opticians and Contact lens practitioners, located in Carterton, Oxton. Established in 1981, we have been providing professional, individual eye care to locals for over 30 years.

Our opticians now look after 10,000 customers with an emphasis on the provision of a personal service. Our friendly and experienced opticians and team take time to fully evaluate your vision and eye health needs.

Our philosophy at Michael Lowe & Partner Opticians is to ensure you receive a truly professional service and every customer is 100% happy with their purchase.

‘Your Vision for the Future’

Frames and Lenses

Here at Michael Lowe & Partners Opticians we understand that everybody has different budgets, aspirations and needs when it comes to choosing eyewear. Browse, try on and select from our extensive selection of both high quality and designer eyewear in both children’s and adult styles to cater for all budgets. We are waiting to offer you assistance in your selection of your purchase. As an independent practice we take pride in the fitting and glazing of your spectacles to the greatest accuracy so you leave us 100% happy with the service you have experienced.

At Michael Lowe & Partners Opticians we are always looking for the latest in lens technology. All our lenses have advanced and specialised properties and benefits, enabling you to achieve the best possible vision. We dispense single vision, Bi-focal, Occupational and Varifocal lenses, each with their specific features. You can also choose from a selection of thin and light lenses and lenses that are optimised for driving, polarised lenses and more, according to your individual requirements.

Lens Coatings

Working with the industry leader of lens coating, Essilor, we offer a range of services to protect your lenses against everyday dangers.

  • Lasting protection for eye-health, blocking harmful UV rays
  • Winner of many awards, Optifog offers fog free vision for glasses wearers
  • Protects against the five enemies of clear vision; reflections, smudges, scratches, dust and water.

Ask in-store to discover the power of Essilor. Click here to see the video.





Sunglasses are a great style accessory, however they are also imperative to the health of your eyes. UV light from the sun has the same damaging effect on our eyes as it does on our skin. Exposure to sunlight in the worst case can result in cataracts.

Sunglasses play a vital role in protecting our eyes from the harmful effects of UV light. It is therefore important that you choose a pair that offers 100% UV blockage.

We stock a wide selection of unbranded and designer frames. Most of the frames can be glazed to your prescription with single vision, bi-focal and varifocal lenses.

You can also have your lenses tinted, graduated, mirrored or polarised.

It is essential for sunglasses to provide protection foremost, as well as enhancing your vision and being comfortable.


Eye Examinations

Regular eye examinations are important for everyone, whether you have a problem or not.
The eye examination that we provide ensures, that you do not only experience the highest standard of clear and comfortable vision, but also checks the health of your eyes.

At Michael Lowe & Partners Opticians we offer private, NHS and children’s eye examinations. Our professional qualified opticians take the time to fully understand your individual vision and eye health.




Digital Retinal Photography

This allows us to see the back of the eye (the Retina) in much more detail. It helps the Optometrist to detect and monitor sight threatening eye conditions earlier and is especially good for looking for the smallest of changes from the previous visit.

Retinal photography is especially useful for common eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration  and diabetic retinopathy as early detection is paramount to ensure a healthier outcome.


Field Screening

Visual field tests assess the potential presence of blind spots which could indicate a number of conditions of the eye such as Glaucoma to neurological diseases.


Intra-Ocular pressure measurement

This assesses the pressure of the eyes by the use of an air puff. In certain circumstances eye drops can by used to take a more accurate reading if required. This is very useful in the early detection of certain types of Glaucoma.

Contact Lenses

Our collection of contact lenses offers exceptional comfort, clarity and ease of wear. As the modern alternative to glasses they embrace the latest technology and provide vision correction that is suited to your lifestyle.

Choose from a range of wearing frequencies, including daily disposables and monthly overnight wear, available in a variety of materials and vision corrections.

Whether you are already a contact lens wearer or a first time wearer, our experienced opticians are here to advise you on the most appropriate contact lenses for you to wear.

Find your perfect lens to wear from our wide range of suppliers.

Did you know there are contact lenses that can help at all distances?

If you are someone who needs to use varifocal or bifocal spectacles, or use glasses for reading, there are contact lenses that may work for you. Available in both re-usable monthly disposables, or single use daily disposable.

Daily Disposables

Daily Disposables are the most hygienic and convenient type of contact lens. These are worn for one day and then removed and disposed before you sleep, then replaced the following day.

The benefits of this type of lenses is that they require no cleaning, disinfecting or storage solutions and are not associated with risks that come with lenses worn for longer.

Experience the benefits of a clean, fresh lens every day with Daily Disposables.


Monthly lenses

We have a wide range of contact lenses to wear in a monthly form. The most popular type of lense are worn throughout the day, removed at night and then replaced monthly. Contact lenses worn monthly require regular cleaning and storage in a special solution but are more cost effective that daily contact lenses.

Enjoy value, comfort and clear vision correction with monthly contact lenses.


Multifocal Disposables

Multifocal lenses are the most innovative type of lenses available to date. Harnessed with the same technology as multifocal spectacle lenses, these lenses correct each of your vision problems, when you require.

Available as dailies, monthlies and other wearing frequencies , these contact lenses optomise your vision for reading, writing, driving, viewing objects from afar, closeup and more.

Experience optimised clear, crisp sight to enjoy every part of your life.



OCT Examinations

Using Topcon state of the art 3D OCT camera our optometrist Dipak will take a digital photograph and a three-dimensional cross-sectional scan off the back of your eye in one appointment.




This will allow him to instantly diagnose a number of common conditions. The scan is painless, simple and quick. What’s more, the software can automatically detect the most subtle changes to the retina with every eye test that you take this will give you an invaluable ongoing recorded of the state of your eye.

What does the scan actually check for?

  1. Age-related macular degeneration
  2. Diabetes
  3. Glaucoma
  4. Macular holes
  5. Vitreous detachments

Can you afford not to have this scan? Book an appointment today and let us give you the peace of mind knowing your vision is safe with us.



We also offer NHS eye examinations for those who are eligible. We claim a small amount towards the cost of the sight test from the NHS and therefore there will be no charge made to you for that service. However the NHS does not contribute towards the cost of a Retinal Photograph and therefore a small additional charge will be made if you decide you would like to have it done.

Please visit our FAQ’S page for advice on NHS eye examination eligibility.