School’s back – it’s time to get your child’s eyes tested

Boy in glasses

No more long weekends in caravan parks, rainy days playing Monopoly and haranguing your mum to look after the kids for one more day – the school holidays are over, giving you the chance to be child-free for at least a few hours.

But if you want your children to enjoy the best education, you’ll need to make sure they’re kitted out in the best possible frames.

So to make sure your kids can see with style, take a look at our top optical tips for your children heading back to school.

1. Get their eyes tested

While still convenient, arranging an eye test during the school term isn’t as easy as during the holidays. Right now you have the luxury of time to book your appointment whenever it suits you and your child.

Without regular eye checks, your child might not get the most from their education. After all, how can you be expecting to see a blackboard without the right lenses to strengthen your sight?

Whether you arrange an appointment during holidays or term time, we’ll offer your child a thorough examination in a friendly atmosphere guaranteed to put them at ease.

2. Pick the right frames

Our range of designer children’s frames is high quality and comes with the mark of quality you’d expect from us.

Not only this, but we’ll help you and your child find a pair of frames that’s ideal for their face shape. It’s a process that’s worth the effort if it means your child can enter school with their head held high.

3. Make sure your child’s comfortable

Despite our excellent range of frames, it’s possible your child prefers to wear contact lenses, and we can cater for them too.

We’ll make sure your child knows how to put in and remove their contacts safely and hygienically.

And that’s that – with these three tips your child should be raring to go to school with perfect vision.

To book your child’s next appointment, get in touch on 0199 384 4291 or pop into our practice.