Pupdate – Irvine our sponsored Guide Dog

We’re pleased to say Irvine, our sponsored Guide Dog, is doing fantastically well.

Since our last update, his lead work has improved, with the help of lots of praise and treats! He’s also much more confident in his own company, as before he used to whine for attention. Now he’s happy to lie down and snooze with his big teddy.

Irvine’s been busy getting out and about, exploring lots of different environments. It’s really important for Irvine to experience a variety of places so he’s comfortable and confident wherever he may go with his future owner.

He’s very happy to curl up under the seat when travelling on the train or bus, out of everyone’s way, but he still has a habit of licking people’s feet!

We’re all so proud of Irvine and how much progress he has made so far. Getting him used to his blue puppy walking jacket is a little tricky, but thanks to lots of treats and encouragement, he’s doing really well.

Stay tuned for our next Pupdate and track how well Irvine is doing!