Eyewear Trends for 2017

People are now using the term ‘Optical Wardrobe’ to describe their spectacle collection. Glasses are like a slick of lipstick or a fabulous pair of earrings to make a look your own. Wear your glasses like any other accessory.

Who do you want to be today? Choose a frame to accessorise your mood or desired look for your day.
Be on trend in 2017 with our recommendations for your Eyewear choices.

Eyewear shapes for 2017

Right now, the mood is academic.


Bold heavy frames give you the Academic /Business look, the nerdier the better. Definitive / business-like. Aviator style remains hugely popular.

Cat eye frames are another frame style to keep you on trend. Creating a fashionable miss match is less about what suits you, but more about how the glasses make you feel.

Eyewear colour for 2017

Tortoishell remain popular for the year. Tortoishell looks great on either a pair of sunglasses or an ophthalmic frame.



It a colour that suits most people and look great either in a pattern or plain. Great colour for all seasons.

In contrast, clear coloured frames remain on trend for their versatility.

Sunglasses for 2017

The Oversized sunglass is here to stay, popular amongst us ladies as they not only hide your eyes but your face too, and remain hugely popular with celebrities.



Aviator Sunglasses are very flattering and remain very popular on the runways and with celebrities. Coloured lenses complement frame styles and colours.

Let us help you get the look you want this 2017.

With our expert guidance, you can achieve the look for the New You in 2017.

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